IMPACT: Parenting with Perspective

Interpretations and the Stories We Tell

August 12, 2021 Ben Pugh Episode 61
IMPACT: Parenting with Perspective
Interpretations and the Stories We Tell
Show Notes

How to Be Intentional With Your Interpretations. 

First, you have to be aware of what your interpretations are. 

To do this, practice awareness throughout the day. When you notice an interpretation, identify and label it. "This is an interpretation."

Thought downloads are also powerful tools to help you identify your interpretations. Any time you find yourself saying things like, "It's not fair," "My teen's lazy," "I'm not good enough," or "This is bad."

These are all interpretations.

Second, once you've become aware of your interpretations, you can start to be intentional about how you interpret things. When you identify and label your interpretation, intentionally more your attention to your desired interpretation. 

It might look like this.

"My son is lazy. Wait, that's an interpretation. I move my attention to the interpretation that my son is doing his best."


We identified the unintentional interpretation and moved our attention to an intentional interpretation.

This will impact the rest of the stories that we tell ourselves. 

Third, as you do this, practice new intentional interpretations by doing models. In the first step I invited you to do thought downloads. Once you've done this, you can do an unintentional model and an intentional model based on the thoughts and interpretations that you identified in your thought downloads. 

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